Anthenor Public Affairs adheres to the highest principles of ethics and transparency in the profession. As such, ethics, which is essential to our profession as lobbyists, is at the heart of the firm’s DNA. The many initiatives undertaken since Anthenor’s creation in 2003 all contribute to this ambition:

  • Anthenor Public Affairs has its own code of ethics, to which all the company’s employees adhere. The principles which are set out in it are reviewed annually to ensure their ongoing scope and relevance. In 2015, the firm created a Compliance Officer position, responsible for the application and control of internal ethical rules and the legal provisions governing the business. He is the correspondent for the parliamentary ethics bodies and the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP).


  • As a guarantee of its commitments in France and Brussels, Anthenor Public Affairs is a signatory to the professional ethics charter of the French Association of Lobbying and Public Affairs Consultants (AFCL), which the company joined in 2003. The firm is also a signatory to the Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP) Code of Practice, of which it has been a member since 2008.


  • In 2009, Anthenor Public Affairs was the first French lobbying firm to register in the European Commission’s register of interest representatives, where all actors in the sector are invited to disclose the interests they defend before the European authorities. In the same year, the firm assisted the Observatory on Corporate Social Responsibility (ORSE) in defining the guidelines for the notion of “responsible lobbying”.


  • In 2009/2010, Anthenor Public Affairs contributed to the work initiated by parliamentary chambers to set up a system of accreditation and adherence to rules of good conduct for players in the lobbying arena. It was logically one of the very first firms to be registered in the National Assembly and the Senate, in place between 2009 and 2017.


  • Since 2017, in compliance with the legal and regulatory obligations set out in Article 25 of Act No. 2016-1691 of 9 December 2016 on the transparency of relations between interest representatives and public authorities, the firm has declared its interest representation activities to HATVP (see page).

The firm regularly participates in the group of experts within the High Authority responsible for monitoring the implementation of these new regulations.

  • Created under the name “parliamentary clubs”, the clubs managed by Anthenor Public Affairs meet the same requirements and ambitions in terms of ethics. They are managed and run in strict compliance with the rules of the parliamentary chambers relating to this activity. Their operating procedures are in full compliance with the recommendations of the Ethics Officer of the National Assembly and the Senate’s Parliamentary Ethics Committee.