We develop and implement public affairs strategies based on the objectives of each client: creation of a favorable politico-institutional environment, representation of interests, raising of awareness or establishment of a network of allies, etc.

Our approach to lobbying relies on the elaboration of a solid argumentation, perfectly aligned with the political context and the public agenda.


A few examples of actions to develop and support your Public Affairs strategy:


  • Formalization of positions: strategic positioning workshops, elaboration of messages to resonate with decision-makers, drafting of position papers and white papers
  • Stakeholder mappings: potential allies, opponents, stakeholders, accompanied by position analysis and influence patterns
  • Coalition building: formal or informal (associations, unions, clubs), to promote the representation of common interests
  • Organization of meeting plans: identification of relevant contacts at national, local or European level, securing meetings, preparation of parliamentary hearings, coordination and follow-up
  • Legislative interventions: drafting and tabling of amendments, elaboration of legislative and regulatory proposals, submissions of observations to the Constitutional Council
  • Networking: organization of institutional events and multi-stakeholder meetings