As an accredited “training organization”, the firm regularly intervenes in the context of public affairs training courses provided internally, targeting public affairs departments, or during training sessions organized periodically at our offices.


Possibilities to develop tailored sessions upon the request of professional groups, with the objective to strengthen the influence of the organization and the employability of members.


We also respond to requests from training organizations specializing in public affairs (Sciences Po Formation) or institutions of higher education, and collaborate with the Brussel based firm PACT founded by Daniel Gueguen, a recognized expert in EU community procedures and comitology.


Examples of trainings:


  • Individual mentoring: accompanying of newly appointed public affairs directors (audit, roadmap, recruitment, KPIs etc.)
  • Best “influence” practices: case studies, scenarios, presentation of a success stories…
  • Parliamentary procedures
  • Local lobbying
  • European lobbying
  • Transparency and compliance in interest representation (HATVP standards)
  • Post-election “Starter Kit”: understanding your new institutional environment
  • Topical trainings: for instance, on major sector specific issues